Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Feng Shui Art Painting Attracts Wealth!

(Closeup of copper medallion)

SHOW ME THE MONEY! This is what we are really thinking, isn't it! If feng shui brings luck then we would be crazy to turn our backs on it.

Let me try to explain what this piece is designed to accomplish other than being a piece of contemporary art:
  • Let's say, you need to strengthen the Wood feng shui element in a specific area of the home or office. Besides the obvious step of bringing more Wood energy (with plants, wood decor items, colors green and brown, etc), you will also focus on bringing more of the Water element because it nourishes the Wood. A space with concrete floors and upholstered furniture would be a good space to visualize as an example.
  • Blue and black are the colors that are associated with the element water. The color black is associated with career and life paths and in turn, with skills and knowledge. When it is used in combination with metals, it has an especially strong association with money or income. Black is the color of power and emotional protection.
  • Blue, a color with yin energy, is calm and soothing. This color reflects love and as such, it has a great significance in its use. The use of blue brings about healing and relaxation. Blue can create an air and resultant feeling of trust and peace. In the beliefs of feng shui, blue is associated with exploration and adventure.
  • The green (wood element) patina forming organically on the copper introduces the notion of evolution of the wood as a result of the metal.
  • The stripes supporting the metal sculpture represent the other elements bringing harmony and balance to the piece as a whole, ensuring success.
  • The size of the painting (4'x5') lets it hang alone ensuring the positive flow of chi it is meant to create. When looking at it, the observer is instantly reminded of the good luck it brings and influenced by its intentions.
  • The Chi created by the painting is felt in the space without looking at it. This also supports and encourages the success of its intention which is to bring wealth and balance to those who observe it.
Oh, did I mention this is one of my most recent paintings? I am very proud of it.